Monday, March 30, 2009

Poor Little Rocky

So Rocky, my Boston Terrier, and I had our third obedience class tonight. He has taken the entire class with Josh already, this is our second time through.

We worked on walking on lead outside in the parking lot. Rocky did pretty good, we do alot of walk forward and then when Rocky decided to small something or to try to go after something we get to turn around and go the other way. He is a very hard worker, he just gets interested in other things.

We worked on "Come" which Rocky did pretty well with. We ended the class with "Wait". When it was our turn to try we went to stand by the door and I said "Wait" and opened the door a little bit and had it come back when he tried to go out too quickly. I heard the squealing sound and it didn't register at first that it was my Rocky crying because his front paw got stuck in the door. We got him out of it and he didn't want to go on. He just laid down in a ball and was ready to quit. He took a little coaxing but we got out and Jackie, our teacher, checked his paw out and he's fine. He was never big on going through the door to leave, we usually have to drag him out of the room, but tonight it was even worse.

Poor little guy, he's okay though. We have some work to do this week.

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