Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Go Girl Half Marathon…

In March I ran a second half marathon, and it was my first all female race. If there is a Go Girl race in your area, you should definitely do it!

I was still running without my Garmin in March, and I was very excited to lace up without any goals other than going out and having fun.

Pre race in the dark photo! The race was in downtown OKC and parking near the botanical gardens was a breeze. We even found a real restroom to use before the race. It’s nice when things work out like that.


Anne, Carrie, Sarah, me, Rochelle and Britney

I ran this race with Carrie my friend who is now approaching the end of her pregnancy, and just like the half marathon a few weeks before, we just went out and had fun.

The route for this race was very similar to the OKC Memorial, but I suspect that they had a map and tried to make it not overlap unless it had to. What resulted was a not very scenic trek through OKC. It was hilly at times, there were few spectators, and some of the neighborhoods were a little sketchy. It is definitely not a race you would do for the view, although the same could be said for the OKC Memorial.


This guy was all over the route though, and we just had to get a picture with him. In 13 miles I swear we saw him about 50 times. (Okay, my perspective might be a little off since so much time has past, but you get the idea.) I have worked hard in the past as a race stalker, and I have a lot of respect for others that do it so well.

Medal group photo! Seriously, these were the biggest, heaviest medals I’ve ever received. We joked that it made our necks sore wearing them around after the race. Not lying, they could also be used as a weapon.


A few days before the race we received an email asking everyone who could to stick around and wait for the last runner to cross the finish line, so there was plenty of time for more post race photos.


It was a beautiful day so we sat and cheered all the finishers as they came in, and there was a group that even went out to meet the last runner to finish with her..I got chocked up that day, and even as I recall it now it still makes me a little misty-eyed, thinking about the people that remained to cheer on the last runner.

I was a great day, and I definitely look forward to running this one again next year!

Monday, August 24, 2015

It’s Been a While…

Do you have those days, or weeks, or months where you remind yourself of something you need to get done, but then the days seem to fly by and you never get to it?

Well it’s been that way for about four months here! It’s not that there hasn’t been anything going on worth documenting, it’s just that it seems that there is always something going on, or that it’s so nice when there is nothing going on I just don’t seem to get it all done.

So here are the highlights and I plan to start working on all the details. (Can you have a New Year’s Resolution in August?)

  • I ran a second half marathon in March.
  • I baked a lot after that.
  • My kiddos finished their Freshman year of high school.
  • I went to Mexico.
  • My family went to Orlando.
  • I had a little surgery.
  • I started training for Marathon #5!
  • School has started again and after a slow few months on the baking front things are picking up again.

It looks so small when you list it all like that, but it has been a fun, stressful, busy few months.

I will start working on the details!