Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mexican Pizza Lasagna, a Cold Run and a Good Book...

Our Thursday morning run that happened on Wednesday was one thing. Brutal. 7.3 miles in an hour and five minutes in 30ish temps with 20 mph winds. It was funny that we were all amazed that no one had wanted to cancel because of the weather. Oh yeah, did I say that we started early because we were going to run more than our usual six miles? Yep, because I am about four weeks away from Cowtown, I wanted to do a longish run and everyone that said they would show up at 5 am did. That is true friendship, or craziness, I can't decide.

I was actually in the mood to do a little cooking when I got home tonight. I decided to see what I had pinned on my Pinterest account to see if there was anything that looked good. I settled on Mexican Pizza Lasagna from Peas & Crayons. I changed it a little bit...

I gathered all my ingrediets.

I started by sautéing half an onion and a jalapeño, then I added a can of black beans that had been rinsed. Then I added in a few spices and lime juice.

The flour and suger just happen to be in the background, I did not add either of those. This is how I make black beans for any Mexican dish. Tacos, enchilladas, burritos, if you need black beans you can't go wrong making them like this.

Then I layered them with corn tortillas, corn, refried beans, enchillada sauce and pepper jack cheese.

Popped it in the oven for 25 minutes at 350 degrees and that was all she wrote. Served with some taco flavored rice and my current favorite veggie, the Brussels sprouts.

And there are leftovers.

I finished the Stephen King book 11/22/63 last week and was looking for something new to read. (We bought the book for my father-in-law for his birthday, which happens to be today, and rumor has it he is 300 pages in and LOVING it.) My girls had been talking about the latest young adult trilogy they have been reading.

I am a sucker for a trilogy. Lord of the Rings, Twilight (don't get me started on those crappy movies), The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (seriously, why are they not making the 2nd and 3rd movies?), The Hunger Games. I love that Camy and Carson both read The Hunger Games. What is better than reading a good book, than talking about that good book with other people that have read it? I seriously need to be in a book club. Someone, please invite me.

Have you heard of the Divergent trilogy?

Here is a summary:

From the brink of apocalypse, humanity has reorganized itself into five factions, each of which uphold and live by a single core value. Those who believe society fell apart because of greed formed the faction of Abnegation (the Selfless), sworn off of practices considered self-indulgent and pledged to act selflessly. Those who believe the collapse was due to ignorance pledged themselves to the Erudite (the Intelligent), sworn to a never-ending path of complete knowledge acquisition. Those who feel that human duplicity wreaked havoc in the world took the banner of Candor (the Honest), pledging to always speak their minds and the truth. Those who feel that aggression was the root of society’s collapse became the members of Amity (the Peaceful), taking the mantle of peace at all costs. And finally, those who feel that the root of all their problems stemmed from cowardice formed the tribe of theDauntless (the Brave), the faction of the courageous and strong.

Born into a Abnegation family, Beatrice has lived her life trying to uphold the ideals of her parents. Outfitted in modest grey clothing, the required style of her faction, Beatrice strives to be as selfless as the rest of her family, but faction beliefs, like giving your seat to others on public transit, do not come naturally to her. Caught between her love of her family and following her heart, Beatrice struggles in her Abnegation role. Wistfully observing the daredevil chaos of the Dauntless-born children as they crow and leap from running trains on the way to school, Beatrice feels conflicted. Society mandates that each year, all sixteen-year-olds must take an aptitude test, which determines the faction each is most suited for. The test is followed by a Choosing Ceremony, in which each person must decide which faction they would reside in for the rest of their lives, living under the guideline of "Faction Before Blood."

I finished the first book and have moved onto the second one.

They have both been entertaining, and I love that Camy and Carson are excited about it and we have been talking about it alot. Looks like I have a wait for the third book as it won't be out until the fall. Having a mini book club with my girl is so fun, I think I will have to see what we can all read together next.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIAW, What I Ate Monday...

I actually captured all my eats from one day this week. My WIAW post is about what I ate on Monday.

Breakfast at my desk at work was honey Greek yogurt with chia seeds and a peanut butter cookie Luna Bar. I think this is my favorite Luna Bar ever. Even better than chocolate peppermint stick. I kinda think the chia seeds look like little bugs on my yogurt, but I assure you they were not.

Lunch was an assortment. PB&J, sun chips, carots, prunes, cheese and pistachios for a snack. Carson loves that I buy the colorful sandwich bags.

After making a trip to the grocery store after work, since I was too lazy to go yesterday, dinner was fake chicken nuggets, steamed Brussels sprouts and potato wedges from Target. I think Brussels sprouts are becoming my favorite vegetable right now. I disappointed myself by not picking up another bag while I was grocery shopping today.

Because I believe meals should end on a sweet note, I had a piece of the yellow cake with chocolate frosting I made on Saturday.

It was a yummy day. I really need to cook something new this week. I feel like I am eating the same old things over and over. I must say that I am very disappointed that Sam's is out of the individual packs of hummus that I love to eat for lunch almost every day. I get hooked on something and then it goes away. I just hate that.

What did you eat this week?


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Face Your Fears...

I decided to get in a different yoga class this evening. I had two options at Ashtanga Yoga, a level 1 class and a level 2 class. I ended up going to the level 1 class and I am so glad I did. I was very nervous about trying out a new class, stepping out of my comfort zone is not easy for me.

Most of the yoga classes I have taken are for all levels of yogis, and I really enjoyed taking a class that really focused on the poses. I think I learned a lot this evening.

I really liked this stretch. You can read more about it here. We did it two differet ways, the first time with our arms straight, the second time with our arm on the ground bent at a 90 degree angle. The bent arm option was quite a bit harder and more painful.

We did work on a bridge pose, and I am doubtful that I would ever be able to do a backbend. It was nice to do a shoulder stand with lots if instruction.

This morning the weather app on my phone went off at about 5am. Apparently we were under a tornado watch for half of the day. Weird, it is January. It looked kind of scary when I was driving to work.

I was glad it didn't start raining until after I got to work.

It looks like it's going to feel more like January tomorrow. I am not looking forward to the wind in the morning.


Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Spring in Oklahoma...

It's not really, but I can dream can't I? I forgot how to dress for a run in 60 degree temps. It was a bit windy, but it didn't make it feel cold at all. This is what the outside temp read at 5:15. Crazy when you consider that it was not too long ago that it was in the 20s. I was pretty warm in my Lululmon run crops and long sleeved shirt.

I got a six mile run in with Abby and Laura. My legs were a little tired from my long run on Saturday, but it was my arms and shoulders that felt the most sore. I think I really worked hard at yoga last night.

We did side planks like this and it was very hard to try to relax into your breath while holding this pose. Five breaths felt like a million. My super skinny arms were shaking like you wouldn't believe the whole time.

I tried our a new hairdo for my run this morning. Or more accurately, I did a braid with a knot in my hair for yoga last night and just slept with it and ended up leaving it in for our run this morning. It actually held up very well for both yoga and my run. Might have been all the dirt in my hair, but I cannot confirm or deny that fact.

I really need to work on my self portraits.

I think it'll feel like spring again tomorrow. Who knows, it'll probably be snowing by the end of the week.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Little Baking...

We had plans to have dinner at a friend's house last night. I couldn't show up without dessert. After my 18 mile run yesterday, I wanted to bake something, but I wanted to make something simple. I settled on a sheet cake.

I went with this recipe minus the trinkets. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Yum. My only complaint about the recipe is that my cake baked for almost 10 minutes longer than the recipe called for before it was set completely.

Even so, it turned out wth a very nice fluffy texture.

The cake went very well with this ice cream. This could be a very dangerous combination.

After hot yoga tonight, I've got six miles planned for in the morning. I was surprised to see this.

57 degrees at 5 am tomorrow morning? I might have to wear shorts. Looks like it will be windy though. I can't complain too much, it is January and parts of the country are freezing.

Here's to a happy monday.


Saturday, January 26, 2013


When my alarm went off at just after 5 am on Saturday, I was in the middle of dreaming that I had overslept and missed my run.

I was up and out the door before 6 to meet Ro at Rock Creek ad 12th for the six mile run to OK Runner. Ro had quite a scare on the way to meet me when a truck slowed down and then stopped in front of where she was running. She got a little speed work in for sure.

18 miles in 2 hours and 45 minutes. I had some solo miles near the end and in the last mile I kept myself going by telling myself "I can do it" over and over again. I really think it helped get me through that last mile. I really need to put some good run music on my iPod shuffle to help get me through the solo miles. I am looking forward to dropping back to 12 miles next weekend, but I've got to long runs coming up after that.

My legs definitely didn't feel as good as they did last weekend. As usual I did ice, hot shower, compression socks, and some protein.

I was worried this was going to be gross, but I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted like a vanilla milkshake.

I went with a double shot of grape Nuun in my water bottle.

I was really hungry for breakfast, but the place we wated to go to was packed. We settled on The Garage. We had chips and queso.

I went for the garden tacos.

We shared the garlic parmesan fries.

I was a good long run Saturday.


Friday, January 25, 2013

A New Jacket and A Good Movie...

My favorite running store had a jacket on sale yesterday that I just had to have.

The Brooks Infiniti jacket. And it's purple, and it has thumb holes. I can't wait to wear it on my long run in the morning.

The kiddos went to stay at a friend's house so we actually went to the movies.

I have wanted to see a silver Linings Playbook for weeks and I am so glad we finally got to see it. It was so good. If you haven't seen it already you should go see it now. Like right now. You won't be sorry.

I love a good story that mixes sadness with laughter. And it's Bradley Cooper. What more do you want.

Happy Friday friends!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sick Day, But Not For Me...

My Thursday started off with hill repeats; brutal, horrible, I can't breathe hill repeats. We only did 3.79 miles by my Garmin and I was so glad when we were done. It was weird to be home by 6:00.

Camy was't feeling well ls night a she was already awake after I got home and was still not feeling well. We decided that I would get her into the doctor and let her get some sleep today.

I had breakfast before I took Carson to school.

Chocolate Frosted Mini Wheats with a banana and almond milk.

While Camy took a nap, I snuck out to a hot yoga class. I love when I can take a class at a time that I normally can't. I don't think I have ever sweat so much in my life. After how horrible the hill repeats were it was nice to feel amazing after yoga.

I went and got Camy some chicken noodle soup and 7-Up, because that's what you need if you aren't feeling well. Unless it's the stomach flu, then you need 7-Up and jello.

We had a little time to kill before we went to the doctor, so we watched a movie.

I had not seen the remake of Footloose, and Camy had not seen the original, so we decided to watch it. I can't decide if I liked it more than the original, but Camy did like it. There were some differences, but overall I thought they did a very good job.

Then we headed to the doctor's office.

She doesn't look that sick.

She was smiling before they came in and did the strep test. No flu, no strep, looks like it is just a cold. We went to Target to get a humidifier and some Mucinex. We picked up some ice cream, and these...

Not too bad.

Rochelle texted me a beautiful picture last night, and I just had to go see for myself.

The new Brooks Ravenna 4, they weren't supposed to be out until February. They are so cute! I haven't bought them yet, I had to get them put in the budget. I am excited to have two pairs of shoes to rotate in my training. I am totally a Brooks girl, but I have been happy with the New Balance shoes I have been running in for the last month or so.

I could probably tell you what model of New Balance these are, but I just don't know. I do like these shoes though. I had one small issue with a blister on the inside of my right foot but my favorite shoe expert made me an insert that has helped eliminate that problem. I am still very excited to get my new pair of kicks.

I almost forgot something funny that happened yesterday morning. We told Penny to get in the kennel, but then we couldn't find Rocky anywhere. Then we realized what had happened.

Penny got in the same kennel with Rocky. Good thing we were paying attention because Rocky isn't one to complain much. Oh yeah, and there was this...

I love my girls.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIAW Phone Dump...

For my WIAW post this week I will just dump all the food pictures from my phone. I guess I mostly do that anyway, but here goes.

Leftover chickpea tacos turned into nachos with refried beans and corn salsa. Don't judge me, it was yummy.

Lunch on Friday, good old PB&J, with chips and fruits and veggies. I love prunes, I do hate dates though. I tried to like them, I just couldn't do it. I have had a string of nice crisp apples and it makes me kinda sad because that means I will hav a string of not so good apples coming up.

Pre 16 mile fuel. This settled well ad I didn't have any stomach issues. I decided to go with chomps instead of Gu and I think that made a huge difference.

Cracker Barrel salad on Saturday.

With the veggie plate. Can you call mac & cheese a veggie? Probably not, maybe I should call it the no-meat plate instead.

Sunday night breakfast for dinner. How can you not love fluffy pacakes? They came from a box. I am not ashamed to admit that.

Monday breakfast, Cinnamon Roll Mini Wheats with a banana and almond milk. We have been all about the Frosted Mini Wheats here and this was the first time we tried this flavor and it was pretty good.

Peanut butter cup bars, I haven't actually had one yet, but Camy gave them high praise.

Monday night black bean sliders with sweet potato fries.

Overall, a week of tasty foods. What did you eat this week? Have any recipes to share? Leave me comment or tweet me @oubeckyc.