Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Classic Duathlon

I honestly don't know what I was thinking. Maybe it was the high of completing my first triathlon that clouded my judgement a bit. I can't be sure.
Yesterday I participate, note that I didn't say competed, in the Fall Classic Duathlon. It was a gruelling 4k run, 24k bike, 4k run. Don't get me wrong, I had fun. But I think I would have had more fun had both of the runs been on level surfaces. The hills were killers! I ran the first one in 23:52. Not too bad, I didn't want to overdo it since I had a lot more race to cover after that. The hardest part for me is definitely the bike leg. It was an out and back course, and it was on a 2 lane highway that was hilly. I rode out on the side of the road to stay out of traffic and it was just bumpy the whole way. My back is not liking me today for that. On the way back I stayed more on the road and let me say that I felt like I was flying after the slow trek out. My horrible bike time was 1:11:31, definitely impressing anyone with that.
By the time I got off the bike my legs felt like rubber and it was time to hit the running course again. I couldn't run the whole thing this time. I did run as much as possible and was running when I crossed the finish line at 26:19. Overall it was 2:04:37. I did finish though, if not impressively!
I must say the best part of the whole race was the ice cold beer that I got in my souvenir glass at the finish line. I don't think a beer has ever tasted so good. I was wondering why they run it in the afternoon, I assume that is why.
I went home and was in bed by about 7:45 last night. I took today off from exercise and it'll be back to boot camp in the morning and the running group in the afternoon. I have another 5k on Saturday. I must be crazy.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

OKC Race for the Cure 2009

So this past Saturday was the Race for the Cure. This is a special event for me and I look forward to it every year. Jen, Karen and I have participated since 2001 and though our team Sooner Girls for the Cure has grown and shrunk in size over the years, we still manage to show up!

Let me just say, it was freezing! Seriously, it has never been that cold for the race. I actually invested in long pants and a long sleeve shirt to run in this year. I did have to take my jacket off about 100 yards into the race, and managed to drop my ipod on the ground in the process. So that slowed me down a bit. I still managed to finish in 28:24, which is a good time for me. Not as fast as the 5k at the end of the Tie Dye Tri, but it was really cold and you have to weave in and out of the thousands of people that are participating! Something to be said about the smaller races, you don't usually have people with strollers at the 9 minute pace marker!

I did have a little pain in my hip the next day, but now on Thursday, it looks like that is going away. Thankfully, the Fall Classic duathlon is on Sunday and I would hate to have paid my $40 and not be able to participate.

Stacy has also asked me to join her in the Monster Dash on the 24th. Of course I am in. I hope I get to see some little kids doing the fun run in their Halloween costumes!

Looks like Josh and the kiddos are going to head up to Tulsa this weekend for the girls' and Jill's annual Halloween costume expedition. They just love that tradition. Josh will get to watch the OU Texas game with his dad, and I'll probably give the house a deep cleaning. Now we just have to figure out which dog(s) go and which one(s) stay with me. Here's hoping to it being me and Lucy this weekend!

So Lucy is going back to the vet today to get her stitches out. She had the hematoma drained from her ear two weeks ago and it really looks like it has healed up nicely. Thankfully, she didn't have to wear a cone so we didn't have to deal with the ackwardness of all of that! She really seems like a different dog in the last few weeks. We are thinking that her arthritis meds and the one for her heart are making her feel better. She has actually been sort of running around the house a bit, and she even wanted up on the couch with me on Monday when I was home with a sick Camy.