Thursday, July 29, 2010


So Paige is my first niece.  I remember about 12 years ago when I found out I was going to be an aunt for the first time how excited I was.  She was the first baby that Josh and I ever babysat overnight, and she was the one that really made me want to have a baby.  Who knows when we would have had kids had it not been for Paige.
When I think of Paige, sometimes I can't help but think of her like this.  With all her little fatness.  Boy did Lucy love her.  It's funny, when I think of Lucy, this is how I think of her, licking all the babies.

But now Paige is growing up, she is now 11 (WHAT!!!), and getting ready to start sixth grade.  She is on vacation with Parker and her dad this week and Jen just emailed me a copy of the Will she left for Jen, just in case her plane goes down.

  1. Zero goes to live with Dad. (This is funny because if the plane goes down her Dad is going down with the plane too since they’re together.)
  2. Tell everyone that I love them.
  3. I want a pink funeral and I want Austin to be there.
  4. I hope they find a cure for boob cancer.

 Number 4 is especially funny to me.  With all of my nieces and nephews we have had them saying "Boobies" when we take pictures since they were all old enough to talk.  I am so glad one of her final requests would be to cure breast cancer.
On a final very happy note, since I am talking about my nieces and nephews, looks like I get to be an aunt again!  Come February we'll get to have another little baby to love on, thanks to Karen and Shawn.  I have got to start knitting some baby stuff!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Does Penny Like the Pool?

Since we bought the girls their pool, we have gotten Penny in a few times to see if she would like it or not.  Much like with the trampoline, she tends to run around the outside of the pool barking when we are in it and she is not.  We bought her a pink polka dot life jacket and get her in when we all get in, but we could never tell if she really liked it or not.

Yesterday the girls and I were swimming and Penny was doing her usual run around the outside and bark routine.  We didn't think anything of it until Carson saw her standing at the top of the ladder waiting for us to let her in!  I strapped on her life jacket and off she went.  She likes to swim around in a circle and come back to the ladder to rest.  She will put her front paws on one step and even put her back paws on the step below to rest.  It is quite entertaining.
Here she is with her pink polka dot life jacket on...

So Carson had an ear infection this weekend.  So that's both kiddos in less than a week.  We are going to be more diligent with the ear drops from now on.  It's hard to tell her that she can get in the pool but she can't get her head under water.  Although it might be harder to tell the other kid who has healed already that she can't splash her sister while they are in the pool.

I am glad we got the pool for the girls, it's been refreshing with the sweltering heat outside, and entertaining with Penny the Pig Dog becoming an avid swimmer.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Girls are Coming Home...

My girls went up to West Virginia to visit my aunts over a week ago, nine days ago to be exact.  I missed them, but I was really missing them yesterday.  A day off work and Josh and I really had nothing to do except grocery shopping.  It would have been the perfect day for them to break in the new above ground pool we got them last week as an early birthday present.

Speaking of the new pool, we haven't told them about it and we figured we'd just see how long it takes them to notice it in the back yard.  I am so excited about it, because I know they will be very excited about it!

I talked to them last Tuesday and they were having a great time.  I called on Saturday and they weren't interested in chatting, which is probably a good sign, but it's been a week since I have talked to them.  I talked to Jen this morning when they had gotten past St. Louis and she said they hadn't hardly talked to her at all in the car, they were busy watching their movies.

So now I am excited that they are on their way, I can't wait to see them, but I'm sure I'll be ready to ship them off again at some point!