Monday, June 8, 2009

The Decemberists

So a week ago I was sitting in the St. Louis airport waiting on a flight to get back to OKC. Gotta love flying stand-by.

We saw The Decemberists on Sunday night at The Palace, with Blind Pilot. I was very impressed with Blind Pilot, they were easy to listen to and laid back, kinda like I should be sitting on a beach somewhere kinda music. I need to get their album and listen to it some more.

The Decemberists were awesome! They played The Hazards of Love album from beginning to end in the first set. Such a good album. I love that their music tells stories, though the last song The Hazards of Love 4, keeps me sad at the end, wishing that William and Margaret got to live happily ever after. The Rake Song was great placed in the middle of the album as well. After the intermission, they played some of my favorites, July! July!, O Valencia, and covered a Heart song that showed how great the to women that sang on the album were.

St. Louis was fun, our first anniversary trip. It's been 13 years, finally we went somewhere. Stayed at the swamky Moonrise Hotel. Very nice! We ate at a restaurant called Pi, not spelled pi, the symbol for pi. Great thin crust pizza and flirtini. The rooftop bar at the hotel had a very nice view of downtown St. Louis. We ate at Blueberry Hill before the concert, they had some great spicy shrimp that we had for an appetiser but the Jerk Chicken Sandwich wasn't that great.

I almost injured myself walking to the concert. I ended up scraping off a few layers of my big toenail on my right foot and needing a band-aid stop at the hotel before the concert. Good think I had flip-flops on!

All in all, a great trip. I am ready for the next album!

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