Thursday, July 29, 2010


So Paige is my first niece.  I remember about 12 years ago when I found out I was going to be an aunt for the first time how excited I was.  She was the first baby that Josh and I ever babysat overnight, and she was the one that really made me want to have a baby.  Who knows when we would have had kids had it not been for Paige.
When I think of Paige, sometimes I can't help but think of her like this.  With all her little fatness.  Boy did Lucy love her.  It's funny, when I think of Lucy, this is how I think of her, licking all the babies.

But now Paige is growing up, she is now 11 (WHAT!!!), and getting ready to start sixth grade.  She is on vacation with Parker and her dad this week and Jen just emailed me a copy of the Will she left for Jen, just in case her plane goes down.

  1. Zero goes to live with Dad. (This is funny because if the plane goes down her Dad is going down with the plane too since they’re together.)
  2. Tell everyone that I love them.
  3. I want a pink funeral and I want Austin to be there.
  4. I hope they find a cure for boob cancer.

 Number 4 is especially funny to me.  With all of my nieces and nephews we have had them saying "Boobies" when we take pictures since they were all old enough to talk.  I am so glad one of her final requests would be to cure breast cancer.
On a final very happy note, since I am talking about my nieces and nephews, looks like I get to be an aunt again!  Come February we'll get to have another little baby to love on, thanks to Karen and Shawn.  I have got to start knitting some baby stuff!

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