Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Free to a Good Home...Maybe.

Free to a good home, one two-year-old French Bulldog.  Goes by the name Penny and comes with her own hand made tutu.

She is a delightful and loving dog, who is a bit stubborn at times.  Guess that's the bulldog in her.  She does have a tendency to pretend that she is house broken for months at a time and then for no reason at all start peeing and pooping in the house.

She has a tendency to intestinal issues, probably because she was over fed as a young pup, so she requires canned pumpkin in her food daily.  Don't worry she'll eat organic pumpkin if there is a shortage on canned pumpkin.

She loves to swim, although she is built alot like a brick with little stumps for legs, so we'll throw in her pink and white polka dot life vest for her aquatic adventures.

Oh Penny, how you frustrate me so!  My sister had a cat once, Spanky, that all of the sudden started going to the bathroom RIGHT NEXT to his litter box.  Once he started he never stopped.  Might have been the trauma of the two kittens we acquired, but who knows.  Maybe he just decided that he wanted to think outside the litter box.

The bad part about Penny is that she is so darn cute.  She will sit when you tell her to, and she is a very good snuggler.  I feel that she is mostly my dog now, since Lucy is gone, but I just don't get her.  She can just snuggle up when it's time for bed, go outside in the morning when she gets up and then come in and crap on the floor when no one is looking.  Maybe she thinks our steam cleaner isn't getting as much uses as it should.

I guess dogs are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get.  We have one very lovable, cute little dog with some strange tendencies I guess.  We will probably keep her.

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