Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So we have resolved that 2011 is the year that we will become debt free.  It has started off on a high note, we sold Josh's Mazda 3 and bought a 98 BMW from a friend.  Josh has spent the last two weekends working on the new car, and is very excited about it's potential.

Our perfect storm of insanity began yesterday morning, and I am hoping there is an end in site.  I am sitting here with my cup of zen green tea, I am not going to let this get to me, because it's beyond our control.

When he tried to get in the car yesterday the driver's door wouldn't open.  We tend to leave our keys in our cars in our garage, I am sure that laziness plays into this, so we'll go with that.  The door was unlocked, it just wouldn't open, and there is only the one key.  So a call to the locksmith and $85 later, we'll call that a stupid tax, Josh was in his car driving to work.

He hadn't gotten out of the neighborhood when he noticed that it was pulling hard to the left.  They had replaced the shocks and struts before they got the new tires over the weekend, so he drove back to the house to check it out.  Well a flat tire will create the problem he was experiencing. 

I am going to take a short break here to express my hatred for all things Walmart and Sam's Club.  This will be backed up further along in our story.

So, Josh was going to put the spare on the car and he'd get the tire replaced.  Only now, whether it had something to do with the locksmith we don't know, but we are having some electrical issues with the car and the trunk, which is where the spare tire is, won't open.  Our theory is that the only key we have is the valet key and we have somehow been locked out of the trunk.    I guess on the bright side, the only jack and tire changing supplies we own are in my car. 

Josh got the tire off last night and took it to Sam's this morning to replace.  Apparently, the tires he bought aren't ones that they keep in stock, but they can have a replacement tire for us in a week.  ***Please see above comment about Sam's.***

So now the task for the day is to figure out how we get a new key for the car, and more importantly how we get the back seat out of the car so we can put the spare tire on the car.  I do use the term "we" very loosely here, as I am at work, sitting in my office and will have no part in all of that.  Lucky me.

A funny side note, Josh worked from home yesterday, and he walked to the Rec Center to pick the girls up from the after school program.  We wanted Carson to get her homework done before Kumon last night.  Josh said that after a short question and answer session, he and the girls walked home in the cold.  I am hoping we can avoid that today since it's only going to be in the 20s today.

I believe our resolve to being debt free is being tested, but I am still determined.  2011 is going to be a great year.

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