Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vacation Here I Come...

In 27 minutes I'll be off for the next ten days.  We are headed to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina, where we will be staying here:

We are loading up our kids, both my sisters and their families, my in-laws and my sister's in-laws and traveling out I-40 and where ever we go after that.  We'll stay tomorrow night in Nashville and be on the beach on Saturday.

I only wish I could take my bike with me.  Rode almost 20 miles worth of hills last night and had a blast.  I still didn't manage to get up the Papa Bear hill without almost falling off the road and having to push my bike up.  It is very humbling.  I'll get it next time.

So no bike next week, but I'm taking my running shoes with me.  It's so nice to feel like I have my running legs back this week.  It had been a long few weeks since the marathon, and I didn't think I'd ever run and feel good about it again.

Vacation here I come!  21 minutes to go.

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