Tuesday, July 2, 2013

At The Beach...

We got to Ocean Isle Beach yesterday afternoon. After unloading the car, a trip to the grocery store and spaghetti we walked down to the beach. 

It was pretty windy, but it was a beautiful night. 

I got up this morning, though not near as early as I should have, and laced up for a run. 

I ran on the beach for a while. Let me just say that it was hot. Like running on the surface of the sun hot. Okay, maybe not that hot but it was 80 degrees and there were not many clouds in the sky. Trust me, it was hot. 

This is me not having much fun. In fact, I think you can barely call what I did running. It was hot. If I am going to run again I am going to have to get an earlier start. 9 am was not fun. 

After, 3.3 miles we got some breakfast and packed up for the beach. It was cloudy and even sprinkled on us for a little while. A rainy day at the beach I'd still better than a sunny day at work. 

What a great day at the beach. I got a little too much sun so I am really cold now. 

We did walk down and get ice cream.

I went with the root beer float. 

Here's hoping my sinuses are a little less crappy tomorrow. 

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