Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scorcher Half Marathon...

It is a testament to the craziness of my friends when one of them suggests we sign up for a half marathon called the Scorcher, in June, in Oklahoma, and three of us take her up on it.

Back at the beginning of May, right after the horribleness of the OKC Memorial Marathon, my first thought was redemption. My chance to finish out my time in the 35-39 age group with a speedy race based on the previous strong running that had been going on earlier this year.
Best laid plans and all...
After getting about four hours of sleeps, thanks to a wonderful surprise birthday party the night before, Rochelle picked me up and we headed for Stillwater at 4 am. I should say that we left Norman and traveled in thunderstorms the entire trip. After OKC, I was not looking forward to a rain delay. We found the start of the race with little effort, and got to wait out the rain under the Stillwater High School football stadium. Bonus points to the race director for this, and the real and abundant restrooms in the stadium.
We had about a 20 minute delay, so as always we got a picture or two.
Even with the rain, it was a beautiful morning.

Me, Sarah, Ro and Anne
We got lined up and set out in the rain. It took about four miles for me to give up on trying to avoid the puddles on the route. After about the first mile my friends went off on their paces and I settled in with my plan to run and walk when I needed to.
My hopes for a speedy race had pretty much been thrown out the window during May when I struggled with what my doctor called Overtraining Syndrome. After weeks of insomnia, fatigue, and upper respiratory problems it was nice to know I wasn't crazy, but it also meant that I needed to step back and rest. So, with very few miles in the weeks leading up to this race I knew that I would just have to listen to my body, and I am happy to say that I did.
It turned out to be a very fun day. I talked to quite a few people out on the route, and was happy to finish even if my time was horribly slow (for me). I did get to see Scotty, who won the race at about mile 8 and we took a selfie by the port-o-potties.
Me, Scotty and the port-o-potty
Did I mention that it rained the entire race? Thankfully it was not cold, but I regret my decision to wear a race skirt, shorts would have been a much better option.
Me and Gus at the finish line.
I got a picture with the owner of my favorite local running store, OK Runner. Yes, I know I look like I just crawled out of a very large puddle.
And then there was a post race, change into dry clothes picture with the girls.
There was one scary moment in the restroom when I was putting on said dry clothes, when I had some trouble with the dry sports bra. I thought I was going to have to ask a stranger for help but I managed to get dressed all by myself.

Not so much a Scorcher, we renamed it the Super Soaker Half Marathon. Who would have thought?

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