Tuesday, November 17, 2009

McNellie's Pub Run

The family traveled to Tulsa this weekend to participate in the McNellie's Pub Run. Well, all but little Rocky, he went to visit Aunt Karen and Uncle Shawn. Three dogs are hard to travel with.

The run was 4 miles, and Josh opted for the Guinness Challenge. After about 2 miles, and after 3 miles he had to drink a cup of Guinness, and then again before he crossed the finish line. I was glad that I opted for the alcohol free run.

I was nervous about the run because I hadn't run in a few weeks. I had taken a week off after the Monster Dash because my upper thighs were bothering me, and that turned into two weeks when I got sick on Halloween weekend. No swine flue here though, thankfully. Sick in a non-contagious manner. So two weeks no running, and then the ultimate boot camp started last Monday. Four days a week this time, and then a cancelled running group on Tuesday night. I was wondering if I would remember how to run.

Turns out I did not so bad. I finished in 38:27 which was under the 10 minute a mile pace I was shooting for. Josh did great, running almost all of it and drinking all of his beer. I heard one guy tell another guy that I ran by that he was planning to only do Pub Runs from now on. I thought that was funny. The in-laws and the girls got to see lots of people puking at the finish line, makes for great family entertainment I think!

So for the first time in a while I don't have any races coming up. Whatever will I do?

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