Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Race for the Cure...

So we were up at the crack of dawn on Saturday for what I think is my 10th Race for the Cure.  There seems to be more and more people each year.

I discovered the secret to a good race, if you are running, is starting as close to the front as possible.  We didn't have to run past any strollers, kids, or non-runners which made for a great race.  I finished in 26:19 (by my watch, 26:20 officially), which was my fastest 5k by almost a minute.  I was 10th in my age group out of 172 runners.

Here's some pics...

Josh, Camy, Carson and I after the team picture.  We look very happy for getting up at 5:30 am.

Camy and Carson with their Gammy.  She got up even earlier and drove down from Tulsa to race with us.

Camy, me, Jen, Karen, Paige, Hailey and Carson.  Hannah was not happy by this point and didn't care to be photographed with us.  Maybe she got up too early.

The crazy cousins!  Caeli, Paige, Camy, Carson and Hailey.

Judy, Dan and Caeli sporting some fabulous Sooner colors.
Finally, three sisters.  Me, Jen and Karen, this is our 10th race together.  Our first was back in 2001 and we all walked.  The second was in 2002 when Jen bet us she could run the whole thing, without training.  Karen and I bought breakfast that year.  And all the years since, with our team Sooner Girls for the Cure, and this year two work teams, we have had lots of great people participate with us.  Makes you wonder what will happen next year!

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