Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in Review...

In less than 48 hours it will be 2011.  Can you believe it?  2011, no way!

So as I sit at my desk and wait for others to finish their work, so I can in turn finish my own, and as the temperature soars to 71 degrees outside, I thought I'd try to recap my year.

2010 didn't seem very promising when it started.  First I had to deal with knee problems and high cholesterol, then in March we had to say goodbye to Lucy.  Not a very good start for us.  Luckily things got much better.

In May, a wonderful new friend introduced me to Skinny Bitch and I became a vegetarian.  Since then I can count on one hand the number of times I've had meat this year, and I honestly have never felt better.  I have lost weight, gotten my cholesterol back to under 200 and have had to buy new clothes in a size that I don't think I've ever worn.

2010 is also the year that I officially became a runner.  I have a "Runner Girl" sticker and a 13.1 sticker on my car now.  I have run over 400 miles since April this year, would would have thought that?  I was a member of the Brooks I.D. program and I won a free pair of shoes.

My girls started their last year of elementary school this year, and their second year of Concert Chorus, they also got a pool for their birthday.  While it is not a fancy pool, it was big enough for us to spend lots of time in this summer, and we discovered that Penny is quite the swimmer. 

I officially became a baker this year.  I have made hundreds of cupcakes, and have even sold some.  I even had a marathon baking session for a wedding in September.  I see lots of cupcakes in my future.

Josh and I chipped away at our debt snowball this year, paying off around $20,000 in debt.  Who would have though that?  We even sold our Mazda yesterday and have cut another huge chunk out of it as well. 

So what will happen in 2011?  Here's what I'd like to see happen:
  • I will raise money for Komen for the Cure and participate in the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Dallas in March.
  • I will do my first trail run race in February.  Will we do 7 miles or 14?  We probably won't know until we get there.
  • I will run my first full marathon at the OKC Memorial Marathon on May 1st, and through our Y I will even help others train for it as well.
  • I will get a better bike and become better on it.  Maybe even participate in the Hotter than Hell 100 mile bike ride in August. 
  • Redman half?  That's all I am going to say about that right now.
2011 marks 30 years since my mom passed away, and I hope that I can do something this year to honor her memory and celebrate the life I have because of her.  It will also mark 15 years of marriage for Josh and I.  It's been a great 15 so far, not always easy, but very interesting.  I will also officially have 12 nieces and nephews at some point in 2011.  I was lucky enough to add three new ones this year, and I'll get to add two more maybe around May, and I have a nephew on his way now that should show up sometime in February.

So here's to a Happy New Year!  I am sad to see 2010 go, because even with it's rocky start, it's been great.  I have meet some great people this year, and have done some fun stuff.  I am sure there is more to come.

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