Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fitness in the Middle of the Day…

I just walked a mile. Sure it was a pretty slow mile, it took me 29 minutes, but I am at work and I just walked a mile, and I was working. Wow, sounds impressive, right?

We have two of these…
I cannot get this picture to be right side up...

…right by where my desk is. They are in what we call Walking Room 1 and Walking Room 2. (You've gotta love when the place gets remodeled to make way for awesome things.)

So any of our employees in OKC can go in and schedule time and log into the computer and walk and work at the same time.

Generally, I hate the treadmill, I prefer to call it the dreadmill, and walking on a dreadmill is even worse. But, since I can get in there and get moving and get some work done I am all for it. I did, after all, have a big lunch and I hear that walking aids in digestion. AND, a mile is a mile no matter how slow it is.

I really should bring a pair of my tennis shoes up here and leave them in my desk, my shoes were not the best and I ended up barefoot because my feet were uncomfortable.

Now I don't feel like I need to take a nap.

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