Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year’s Eve 2011

For New Year’s Eve this year we decided to be a little more low key compared to last year.  We all went over to Abby and Brian’s house for food and fun.

004The girls from left to right, Abby Rochelle, me Patti and Kim.  Not all of us felt that great on Sunday.


Patti and Bob brought the game Left, Right and Center for us to play and it was so fun. We thought it was strange that Patti won the first game and Bob won the second.  Lol.

007Patti and Bob

008Kim and Jerrod009Me and Abby010Brian with the adorable Avery and Georgie.

011Avery loved Brian013The girl again.014015

I love that the iPhone will let you take pictures of yourself so easily. 

We had such a great night.

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