Friday, August 16, 2013

No Triathlons in 2013...

For this girl anyway. Clearly there are tons of great races and racing going on, but sadly I will not be able to participate.

My first tri was the Tie Dye Tri at the Norman Y in 2009 and I have done this race every year since then. It was part of my crazy racing September last year. (Who could forget a 5k, Ragnar Relay, sprint tri and Olympic tri in the span of four weeks?). 

I hadn't ruled out doing the TDT this year, it is the week before Redman and I was considering it as a good taper, get your mind ready for transitions sort of race. Plus I placed in my age group last year...


In post on Monday I talked about my fabulous me vs. the sidewalk experience on Sunday. Clearly I was the loser there. Well, I went to see my orthopedic doctor Tuesday morning and got some sad news. 

There will be none of this...

And none of this...

I addition to my AC joint separation I manages to fracture my scapula. According to Dr. Hines it is a skinny bone that will heal quickly but I have four weeks until the Redman and realistically he said that its just not enough time. 

Am I bummed? You bet. It's been a hard summer for me and I feel like ever since my stress fracture last year I have struggled mentally and with injuries. (Hello sprained ankle and strained quad!). 

Plus, and the battle scars from Sunday are just fabulous. 

I haven't even taken picture of my poor legs. I find a new bruise every day. 

Green really isn't my color. 

So for now, I'm sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. Waiting for my poor body to recover. I'm not very good at this. 

If all goes as planned there is a half marathon in Kansas City in October and the Route 66 half in Tulsa in November. My revised goal is to run one (or two) strong half marathons to finish out 2013. 

Keep your fingers crossed. 

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