Sunday, December 29, 2013

Race for the Cure 2013…

It is a tradition for my sisters and I to get our families up early on a Saturday in October for the OKC Race for the Cure.  It happened to be on a Sunday this year.

The morning after my weekend of marathon stalking in Kansas City, I got Josh and the girls up at the crack of dawn to head downtown for my third 5k of 2013.  It is purely sentimental reasons that get me to the starting line of this race each year.  It is my PR 5k from 2011, I knew that there was no way I would be running a sub 24 minute race this year.


Jen and I were the only ones that were planning on running the timed 5k.  I opted for my Lululemon running skirt instead of my tutu from last year.  I love this run skirt, I would wear it every day if I could.

Anyway, we headed to the start line and I got ready to settle in and just run strong, with no expectations as to speed.  It was only three weeks after my appendectomy and I was still suffering the after affects of being knocked off my feet.  I set out and settled in and just ran as hard as I could.

The course was new this year, apparently the race organizers went back to the original course, and I did enjoy the different route.  I happened to see my friend Ginger in the last mile.  She was in her car looking for parking and happened to drive past me and gave me a nice shout out.  I definitely tried to look like I was running strong, even if I was not feeling it.  It’s okay to look bad in front of your running friends, but not in front of your non-running friends.

In all, it was not a bad day.  It’s not a race that will be remembered as being fabulous, but my 26:26 is was a perfectly respectable time.  I finished 4th in my age group, which after being in the top three the last two years, I’m a little bummed that I won’t be getting another medal in the mail.  Oh well, there is always next year.

We did have pictures after the timed race, before the start of the walk.


Karen, Jen and I.


Carson, Elizabeth, Camy, Hailey, Hannah, Paige and Parker. 

We started the 5k walk, opted for the 1 mile and then headed for breakfast.  It was a great way to warm up after a very chilly morning.

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