Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Let’s Wrap it Up…

It is no secret that 2013 has been a less than fabulous year for me.  I have had personal and professional challenges that have not been, and will not be discussed on the blog, but let’s just say it has been difficult on all fronts.

I thought I would talk about some other bad parts of the year, and then focus a little on the good parts of my year.

First of all, there were two injuries, an accident, and an appendectomy.  I went from training for the Redman half ironman triathlon, to training for the Kansas City half marathon, to just going along as a spectator as my friends ran the marathon.  I know that in the big picture these setbacks are pretty minor in relation to some of the challenges others faced this year, The fact that I kept taking one step forward and two steps back all year, on top of the previously mentioned, but not discussed, personal and professional difficulties of the year just seemed to make it all that much harder.

I did have some good pictures though…

sprained ankle

My lovely sprained ankle.

bike accident

My chin is still scarred.

bike accident 2

My shoulder had a little scarring, but I got lucky with not so much road rash.  Guess when you fall straight down and don’t slide it means fewer scars.


Don’t worry, I won’t show you my surgery scars.  No one needs to see them.  I think this picture was right before they gave me medicine that gave me a nice allergic reaction.  Oh, what an adventure.

So there were the lower points of 2013, so let’s talk about the good things.

First of all, I ran my second marathon this year.


It wasn’t as strong a race as I had hoped, but I did it.  It was hard, but it is 26.2 miles, how can that not be hard?

I spent a lot of time on my yoga mat this year.  While I didn’t get my first headstand in in 2013, I learned a lot and will carry what I have learned into 2014.  I have learned to accept the small victories of yoga, and have embraced the progress I have made this year.

I ran two unofficial trail runs this year.  One in the spring, one in the fall.  Although, the one in the spring is probably not a highlight of Josh’s year.  He managed to dislocate his ankle.  Cheaters never win…

Thunderbird Trails 0513 020

Josh and I took the girls to the beach in North Carolina this summer.  We made pit stop in Nashville to see one of my favorite bands, Wilco on the way.  It was a fantastic vacation with plenty of time spent laying on the beach and wave jumping.


My girls became teenagers in August.  Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

In September, I scored cheap tickets and took them and my niece Paige to see Mumford and Sons in Guthrie.  So cool!  It was such a fun day with three of my favorite teenagers.

Photo Sep 7, 2013, 11-51 PM

Can you tell we spent the day sweating our butts off in the Oklahoma sun?  Teenagers love to have their pictures taken.

Traveling to Kansas City to watch some of my favorite people run a marathon was also a positive thing that happened this year.


It was such a fun trip, even if I didn’t get to run.  Marathon stalking is an art and I think I did a pretty good job.

I did have a good half marathon in November at the Route 66.

Finally, we finished off the year by spending Christmas in Chicago.  I will get to that recap soon, it was a fantastic trip.

Here’s the running breakdown:

  • 902.88 miles logged
  • 1 marathon
  • 2 half marathons
  • 4 5k’s
  • 1 run in Chicago
  • 2 runs at the beach

I think the good did outweigh the bad, but I am sure looking forward to starting fresh in 2014. 

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