Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Girls are 14...

I know, everyone says that time flies, right? Well, except if you are a five year old waiting for Christmas, but the older I get the faster time seems to speed up.

My little girls, will always be like this to me.

And yet somehow they have turned into this...

Post hair cut pic, headed down to Dallas. I swear I have a picture of me when I was a kid with the exact expression Carson has on her face in the kitty picture. Those kitties look like they are just loving the photo session.
We headed down to Dallas for a long weekend to celebrate, and we went to Six Flags on Saturday. First up, the carousel.



Camy and a very thrilled Carson

After this picture we melted the whole day.
 While Camy and Josh rode the Batman roller coaster, Carson and I sat in the shade.
We didn't last out in the heat the whole day, and instead of getting ice cream at the park, we opted to find some on the way back to the hotel. Oh boy, did we find some good ice cream. Carson and I used to be avid Cupcake Wars watchers, so we were familiar with Sprinkles Cupcakes, but we had no idea they had ice cream. Best. Ice. Cream. Ever.

Plus, they had a cupcake ATM right outside the store. Of course we had to try it, because it's a cupcake ATM. I went with the vanilla ice cream with the crumbled fudge brownie and I cannot tell you how good this was. As for the cupcake, it was good, but we all agreed that we have had better. I thought it needed a little more frosting, and it just didn't knock my socks off like this cup of ice cream.

We headed back to the Embassy Suites and jumped in the pool for a bit, and then headed down to the Managers Reception. When you travel, you should stay at the Embassy Suites, not only do they offer an amazing free breakfast with made to order omelets but they offer free adult beverages and snacks every night. I had a few too many of these, and we ordered a pizza and relaxed the rest of the evening. 

My wonderful mother-in-law got there Saturday night and we spent Sunday back to school shopping at one of the outlet malls. Outlet Mall + Tax Free Weekend = ALOT OF PEOPLE!
We ended Sunday night with dinner at The Melting Pot. Yum.

Me and my beautiful birthday girls.

A meal that starts with cheese and ends with chocolate is probably the best thing ever.
We headed back to the hotel and Josh decided he couldn't wait to get gas. While we were waiting at the gas station we rolled the back driver's window down, and it did not roll back up. Don't you just miss the old crank windows? Technology is not always good. Josh headed out to find supplies to make the X5 a little more classy and we thought we did a good job, until we got on the road Monday and the tarp just wasn't going to last.

So we made a short pit stop and took the classiness up another notch with our duct tape window. I would recommend that everyone keep a roll or two in your car, because in a pinch it makes a fabulous window. We drove almost 200 miles home at about 75mph and this held up like a champ. The noise was not bad, and Carson even had her new hoodie on the whole way home.

As much as we liked it, our first stop after picking up the pups, and taking everything out of the car was the repair shop. I am hoping to get my car back with a brand new motor in this window this afternoon.

We had a great weekend, lost of great memories, and now it's time to get ready for the girls to head back to school.

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