Friday, November 7, 2014

Royal Icing Transfers…

I was recently making sugar cookies for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party. The party was at Hey U Hayrides, so the western theme called for horseshoe cookies.

I don’t own a horseshoe cookie cutter, and I had some ideas for the cookies that didn’t really call for one. I decided to make my own royal icing transfers. I had made some previously to use as cupcake toppers.


I thought they worked well with the sports theme I had been using.

So now horseshoes. I will first say that even though I was really happy with how these turned out, I really should have made them the day before.

First I found a horseshoe design that I liked (thank you Google). I was going for simple. I placed the design under a piece of wax paper and with my brown royal icing I piped out the boarders.


After the boarders set for a while, I filled them in with thinned royal icing.


Then I waited for as long as I possibly could stand it. I knew if they weren’t completely dry I would be in trouble when I tried taking them off the wax paper. So I waited, and I even got my heater out to help them along a little bit.


After they were dry I got out my gold glitter and a tiny paint brush to doll them up a little bit. After rolling them off the wax paper, and letting out a huge sigh of relief, I piped and flooded my square scalloped edge cookies. I let the icing sit for a few minutes and then I just popped the horseshoes down on them and let them dry overnight.


I was quite impressed with myself. Not bad for someone as un-crafty as myself. It’s amazing what you can learn on the internet. I like that if I need something like this again I can plan in advance to have the hard part done. What a time saver!

I wonder what I will do next.

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