Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WIAW, Doesn’t Look Like Much…

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I haven’t done a WIAW post in ages, so I thought I would see what I have been taking pictures of lately.

This might be a sad post.


My new favorite thing is having plenty of rice/beans/soup in the freezer for fast healthy meals! I went crazy a few weeks ago and made this vegetable orzo. I love being able to grab one out of my freezer and popping it in my lunch.


I have been baking so many sugar cookies lately that I haven’t been baking much for my family. Clearly my daughters are a little tired of sugar cookies, I am going to have to start feeding my extras to others. So we have had Oreos around the house on occasion. Feels a bit like child abuse to me, but until there are more hours in the day sometimes we have to make sacrifices! Cookies and wine? Sounds like a winning combination to me.


This is the one picture of food I ate in Chicago. We ate at Rick Bayless’ restaurant Frontera Grill for lunch on Friday. I cannot tell you how happy I was that Lauren thought far enough in advance to get us a reservation. I had wild mushroom quesadilla with black beans and a salad. It was pretty amazing. I would definitely go back.


This technically is a food picture, because Rochelle is eating part of the pizza we had for dinner Friday night in Chicago. We discovered Vapiano on the same block as our hotel and we ended up eating there on Friday night at got take out on Saturday night. I ate pizza three times while we were in Chicago. On Sunday night we ate at Giordano’s, so I got Chicago deep dish after two nights of thin crust. The deep dish was amazing, but I was too tired to take a picture of it.


After dinner at Giordano’s we went to the John Hancock building. We knew the observation deck was closed, but for about the same price we could head up to the bar for a drink and see the sights. A martini with chocolate? Yes please. It was the perfect dessert after a very long day.

Plus there was the view. Amazing!


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