Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gymnastics Class

So I have discovered what is wrong with America. I am sitting outside my daughter's gymnastics class and I think that what is wrong with this country is all right here.

When did we become a country full of adults that thought my kid is going to be the next best...fill in the blank. I just watched a dad with his daughter that couldn't be more than six make her do push ups before her class even started. In the middle of the waiting room. Then there were demands to see her hand-stand, and then yelling at her because when he wanted her to stretch she wasn't keeping her body straight enough. This was a man that looked like he could stand to do a few push ups himself.

This week, like many weeks past, I have witnesses people letting their children run wild in the confines of the waiting room and then getting mad at their behavior. What are these children learning? Not good behavior, that they can push and push until their parent starts yelling, or better yet until they grab then roughly by the are to try, and I mean that loosly, to get them to behave.

Is it easier to parent that way? To push and push and let them push and push? I do know that my children aren't perfect, neither is my parenting for that matter. I do like to think that I have always been able to take them in public and have them behave for the most part. If you let your kids run wild then they will be wild.

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