Saturday, April 18, 2009


So for almost eight years I have learned of the challenges of twins. I am a twin myself and I thought that would prepare me for the situations that arise when you are dealing with two children of the exact same age. Boy was I wrong.

School has been difficult. When you have one twin that breezes through school work and another that struggles the entire time you have to make hard choices. My kids are young, their birthday is in August and we started them in kindergarten when they were five. If I could get a do-over that is probably one thing I would do differently. The thought has come up of repeating a grade, but to make it easier on one makes it more difficult for the other. I can have one kid that is completely bored and another that is right where she should be, or I can have one kid that still does above average in their current grade, and the other that struggles all the time.

Today presented challenge as well. One got invited to go to the zoo with a friend, the other was not invited. How do you try to make it fair for both of them when they aren't doing the exact same things all the time. As a twin I do know that they won't have all the same friends and won't do all the same things all the time but it's hard to try to make it fair when they do different things.

So Camy is off to the zoo and Carson's friend is on her way over. Maybe they will be excited to see each other and maybe be a little nicer to each other after a day apart.

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