Friday, February 19, 2010

4 Days After Surgery...

So I had my knee surgery on Monday and I am back at work today after three days of working from home.

This is what my knee looked like on Tuesday:

Not too bad. This was right after they removed the drain and unwrapped it all. I was thinking that it was gonna be so easy. I mostly stayed off it the rest of Tuesday and then on Wednesday I felt so good, I was walking around without my crutches, letting the dogs out, folding laundry and then yesterday...

No picture, but it looked like someone replaced my knee with a very large grapefruit. Not good and it didn't feel very good either. I have my first visit with my physical therapist yesterday afternoon and was instructed to USE MY CRUTCHES.

It's hard, because I think that when I don't need them I am better, but as it was explained to me that my knee has been through some trauma with the surgery and I need to use the crutches to help my knee heal. Point taken.

So I am using my crutches and I have a few exercises to work on this weekend with it and then physical therapy three times next week. So not looking forward to it! The hardest thing yesterday was that it was so nice outside! I would have loved to have been out running instead of stuck doing PT. So unfair!

Stitches come out on Tuesday, and I think I can give up the support hose then too, which will be nice because they are making it even warmer in my already toasty office. Maybe I'll get a good picture of it this weekend to post next week...

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