Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Falling, and Not On My Bike…

Last Wednesday I meet some friends for a run.  We started early, like 5:05 am early.  Although, really we usually meet at 5:15 am, so it’s not that early for me.  I really should just sleep in my running clothes, it would make it even faster for me.
So we had planned to do about 5 miles.  It was very dark and pretty hot and humid when we started.  We got about 200 yards, if that much, down the sidewalk on a route that is not our usual one.  All of the sudden, it was like I was in slow motion, I was not running forward but headed for the sidewalk.  I came very close to taking one of the girls I was running with down with me, but luckily I think she sensed I was falling and got out of my way.
Here’s the damage…
I happened to have been running with my hand held water bottle, which was in the hand pictured above.  My hand and arm were very sore until the weekend from falling on the water bottle. 
As for my knee, which is the one I most recently had surgery on, it felt pretty banged up.  I still have a little road rash on the side of my leg as well.  I think I will have a couple of mean looking scars when it’s all said and done.
I had quite a few people that asked if I stopped running, and while I stopped momentarily to pick myself up and dust myself off, I continued on and we ran about 5.6 miles total.  I must say, when sweat mixes with injuries like this it stings quite a bit.

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