Monday, September 5, 2011

Brookhaven Run


On Saturday Josh and I went and ran the Brookhaven Run.  I just love this race, not only because it’s so close to home, it’s a great route and they always have a great turn out.  I was especially excited to have Josh and Rochelle running it this year.


Of course there were pre race pictures.  Kim came out and ran after a late night out on Friday. 

This is me, Kelli, Rochelle and Kim, before the start of the race.

brookhaven run

I don’t think Josh has experienced the pre race pictures that happen when we run with Kim.

Josh, Kim, Rochelle and I having a pre race drink.  Not sure what the energy drink was they had out there but it was not good.

For me it was a great race.  I was pretty nervous since the last 5k I ran was the Heart for Haiti run where I had my PR.  Rochelle and I talked about it before the race and our plan was to just give it all we had.  At the start it got a little away from us as we were trying to get out of the pack, I looked down at about the mile mark and we were at about a 7 minute mile pace.  I knew we had to slow down, and we did.  I hadn’t planned on using the water stops but I had to have a little water at the first one, I was trying to calm myself down and settle into the run.

At every kilometer marker our pace was around 5 minutes, and when we hit the 4k mark we were at 19:30, after that point it was back into the neighborhood and Rochelle dropped back just a little bit.  I was very glad to see the finish line.

My official chip time was 24:29, I was 3rd out of 68 in my age group and 47th out of 417 women overall.  Not a bad race for me, and it was nice to know that the Heart for Haiti run wasn’t a fluke.

Josh did great too, finishing in 25:46, and 23rd out of 58 in his age group.

After the race the girls and I hit the outlet mall, and I ended up sleeping in and being lazy all day yesterday.  21 mile bike ride this morning with the girls and then a nice lazy day.  What a great holiday weekend.

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