Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Shoes, a Long Run, Softball and a Snake...

For the last few weeks my knees have been bothering me when I've been running. For me that means its time for some new shoes.

I have run through four pairs of the Brooks Adrenalines, but after consulting with an expert at OK Runner, I went with a new pair of the Brooks Ravenna 3's.

They are super cute too.

I laced them up yesterday morning and headed out for a long run. It was brutal. It was about 78 degrees out, which wasn't bad by itself, the 89% humidity was a killer though. There was multiple times during the run that I considered heading back early, but my need to not miss out on the fun forced me to stick with it. We got 9.5 miles total (Ro got 10, but that's because she is super awesome) and I haven't been that happy to be done wi a run in a long time.

Maybe the fact that I spent four hours at the ballpark watching Camy play softball Friday night had something to do with it. Pb&j with chips probably isn't the best pre long run meal. But Carson and I had fun spectating.

The weather was wonderful all evening, and we got to see Camy play centerfield for the first time.

After my long run I headed home and got ready to head back to the ballpark for a day full of games. In the second game Camy got to bat.

She was walked but ended up on third base, they called the game for time before she had a chance to run home. In the third game she got to bat again and after getting hit in the head by the catcher, I guess it's hard to throw when you have a left handed batter, she got a real hit and even had a RBI and got all the way to third again. The inning was over before she got to run home.

It was a very long day, but Camy had lots of fun.

This morning we had a little excitement here. Penny was up barking pretty early for some unknown reason. Turns out we think she was barking at a snake, we found it in our bedroom a little while later.

Now I'm off to continue my nice lazy Sunday.

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