Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Penny Loves the Olympics...

By Olympics I mean the water events. Did you know French Bulldogs don't swim? Clearly Penny didn't get that memo.

When we got the girls a pool two summers ago we were shocked the day Penny climbed up the ladder because she wanted to swim. We bought her her own life jacket and she became quite the swimmer.

Here's a video...

So now back to 2012 and the London Olympics. We've been watching almost every night. Penny has been watching too.

So this was a running event and it doesn't really support my claim about her love for swimming, at this very moment she is watching women's beach volleyball final.

Here she is watching swimming. I feel like we should get her her own doggie recliner with her own remote to watch all her sports. She did get a little freaked out when we were watching breast stroke. When the swimmers would go underwater and pop back out it was like she couldn't figure it all out.

The best was when we got her on video. I believe we were watching the men's 50 free.

She is a funny dog. Maybe we should find a swim team for her to join.


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