Thursday, September 24, 2009

48 Hours and Counting...

Okay, so in 48 hours I will be done with my first triathlon. Seems easy, right? Well getting me from here to there is causing me much stress! I have been having nightmares all week about missing my spot for the swim, or forgetting something I need. I keep thinking, what did I get myself into?

So many things to decide, what time to get there, should I do the warm up swim, should I run beforehand? Thankfully, Josh has been nominated to come with me to get me checked in and gets to hang out until the race starts. Jill and Pat and the girls will be along later, along with Stacy and Kyle and April. Too bad none of my immediate family will be there.

So my last workout is tonight, 20 minutes on the bike, 20 minute run. I am hoping to get some good tips on the transitions out of Tommy tonight!

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