Thursday, September 10, 2009

Odds and Ends...

Got a great recipe emailed from the Whole Foods website yesterday. I just had to try it out last night and it was yummy. Josh even liked it and I had leftovers for lunch today.

I ran in the Brookhaven run over the weekend. I wasn't as fast as the Moore War run, coming in at 28:28, but I think I worked out more last week than the week before. The 35 minutes we spend on the bike before we ran the 5k course for the Tie Dye Tri made Thursday's workout a killer! It is Thursday again and I think I will be hurting later!

I finished the had I was making for Carson on Saturday and got Cameron's done on Sunday. The picture was taken on Monday morning, pre-breakfast/hair brushing/getting dressed. I think their hats look fabulous!

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