Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moore War 5k

So the first ever Moore War 5k was held this weekend in what could be called my home town. It was funny to park in the old parking lot at the high school and we even snuck a peak into the pool. Turns out Jen still holds the school record in the 200 Free! From 1990!

It was great seeing Devon, Dwayne and Chris before and after the race. The race, though, had to be the most boring 5k course I've ever run. Not that I have run lots, but it was just straight down Eastern to 19th street, and then over to Broadway and back to just past Main. That hill on 19th street was a killer though! I did much better than I had hoped. I ran it in just under 28 minutes. I finished 3rd out of 24 women in my age group, Jen was 4th.

Stacy had me go out and run the 5k race course for the triathlon on Sunday. May was I tired. We finished in just over 34 minutes with a short walk after about 2.5 miles. Stacy said that she thought she was gonna throw up so we had to slow it down. I have to run tonight for my tri training. After that it's parent meetings at school. That's gonna be interesting!

I made one of my favorite new dishes for dinner last night...

It turned out so good this time. We had a big red and a big yellow tomato from the farmer's market and they were so good.

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