Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So I saw my doctor about my knee yesterday, it's been five weeks since surgery and it feels great.  I stopped going to physical therapy two weeks ago, I got my doctor's blessing on that yesterday (yeah!) so I don't have to go back.  I just didn't like that new therapist, and I think I can build the strength in my leg better at the gym on the bike and not doing leg lifts. 

Dr. Hines told me that I am a superstar, and that I am getting really good at this.  Thankfully I only have two knees and so this should be it for me.  He said I can stick with my bike/treadmill routine and do a little jogging at the end for the next two weeks and then after that I can start running again.  No pain = good.  That's what I am going with.

It is nice to be back at the Y in the mornings, and I have never been so happy to have sore muscles!  The body sculpting and the abs class have been good this week and last, again I am sticking with things that don't bother my knee, but I haven't been very limited at all. 

Jen and Karen and I are off to visit my sick grandma this weekend.  We were going to wait another two weeks to go, but according to my uncle she isn't doing very well.  So we'll be off for a girls weekend, which will include a stop at the outlet mall!  Yeah, I am so ready for spring and will be happy to add to my wardrobe a bit.

So as things are getting back to normal, school is almost out!  Wow, time flies!

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