Monday, April 12, 2010

Girls Weekend...

Josh went to Tulsa for the weekend so he could watch The Masters with his dad, so the girls and I had a nice weekend together.  We had a meeting for the Land Run at their school on Friday night, and shopped around Saturday morning, (farmers market, Hobby Lobby, Justice, Target, TJ Maxx), and had lunch at Harry Bears

They had a friend stay the night Saturday night and while they played and acted crazy I made 30 pink and purple confetti cupcakes for a 4-year-old's birthday party yesterday. 

I actually got the entire bed to myself Saturday night.  Penny was so jealous about the three girls and Rocky being in their room when we went to bed that I just had to let her in there.  She just snuggled up with Camy and slept with them.  It was so nice!

Needless to say, back to the day to day routine of life.  Carson has her Kumon today and Thursday, and they have Girl Scouts tonight.  Piano on Wednesday for Carson, gymnastics on Thursday for Camy and then Land Run meeting Friday night.  I am also going to squeeze in three days of boot camp, one trekking class, one running group and then another day of bike/running, and some baking for Josh's work for Thursday.

Thankfully the girls won't have homework this week because of the standardized testing they have all week.  Don't even get me started on that!  I am looking forward to a busy but good week.  Maybe get some knitting in and keep my tivo from exploding with all the recorded shows that are backed up and waiting to be watched.

I wonder what I used to do with all my time before all of this.

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