Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Tooth that Would Not Come Out...

Everything about Carson is pokey, I swear she is the pokiest kid in the world.  Even getting in the car takes forever, and she usually has everything she is taking with her separated instead of putting it all in a bad to make it easier.  She comes by it honestly, and I don't mean by me!

So, she had this tooth that has been loose for, I swear, the last six months.  The darn thing just didn't want to come out.  I think Camy has lost about seven teeth in the amount of time it took this one tooth to come out.

We heard her crying in her room last night, and went in to check on her.  She said that the tooth was hurting and she was tired if it just hanging on.  So we looked at it and we tried to figure out exactly where it was still connected, seriously the tooth was barely hanging on.  Josh gets the dental floss and starts making like he's going to tie it around her tooth and even ties one end to the door knob to the bathroom.  Carson was on the verge of freaking out about the whole thing.

I sat with her for a while and tried to get her to calm down.  I did convince her to let me take the dental floss and wrap it around the tooth so I could see where it was still attached.  What was I thinking?  I get it wrapped around and I can't get it off, and I couldn't bring myself to yank the darn thing out!  Luckily, Josh came to the rescue and as I was calming her down he yanked it out.  There was quite a bit of blood, but the tooth fairy came last night and Carson is very excited about the $3 she got. 

This is the Webkinz that she is saving up for, so all this got her one step closer to another stuffed animal.  If only they would always be so happy with such simple things.                                          

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