Saturday, April 9, 2011

Midievil Fair...

Today's workout was a pilates/sets and reps class.  I have not run since Monday, and tomorrow is a 20 mile day.  Oh lord help me.  The knee does feel better, so I am hoping the rest this weekend will do me good.

We took the girls out to the Medieval Fair last Saturday.  They love to go out there every year, and it's a great place to people watch.
 It was hot and windy.  As you can tell by our hair blowing all over the place, and the squinting.
We mostly went for the food.  By the way, an Indian Taco is not a vegetarian meal.  Camy had pizza.
Carson and I in the blazing sun.
Camy and I waiting on Josh to get her a corn dog.
I must have put my camera away, because I managed to not get any pictures of Josh.  He was there, I seriously almost asked him to carry me, my legs hurt so bad after running 18 miles that morning.  Oh and the blisters!

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