Monday, September 5, 2011

Camy and Carson’s 11th Birthday

I did a little experimental baking for the girls’ birthday this year.  We had dinner at my parents’ house and I made an Amaretto chocolate chip cake with a caramel filling and a rolled buttercream fondant icing.


I think that in all it turned out pretty good.  I am so used to making cupcakes and a cake seemed like a lot more work.  It was pretty sweet, although I think that is the point, and the caramel filling was a lot harder to keep inside the cake than I had planned, but it was pretty good.




For their slumber party there was a lot of baking going on.  First we had iced sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies.


Then I did a little simpler cake, the chocolate chip cake but just buttercream icing for the filling.  My second attempt at the buttercream rolled fondant was a little better, and I am looking forward to some more practice.


The slumber party guests seemed to enjoy all the baked goods.

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