Thursday, September 22, 2011

I’m not being lazy, I am tapering…

Last week I rode 20 miles, and I ran about 24 miles. This week I rode 12, and I have run 7. I did swim 1,200 yards yesterday, but other than that I haven't done anything.

I did get up this morning with every intention to run our 4.4 mile route from the Y, but the weather was stormy. I even had everything but my shoes on when the run was called for weather. (Patti texted me that she saw lightening.) Instead of just going to the Y and running on the dreadmill, or doing weights or something equally horrible, I crawled back into my nice warm bed and slept for another hour. About five minutes after I was back in bed it really started storming, and boy was I thankful that I wasn't out in it.

Regrettably, I missed an opportunity to use my rain jacket that I bought for the Memorial Marathon that I spent a million dollars on. Oh well, I'll just have to wait until next time.

So now my plan is to get up and run the 4.4 miles tomorrow morning, and then run an easy (Read: jog) 2 miles on Saturday morning. Then I plan on doing a little carb loading on Saturday, a lot of hydrating during the day, and having a glass of wine on Saturday night. 5:30 am is going to come awful early on Sunday and I think I'm good and ready for it.

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