Friday, September 23, 2011

What Should I Wear…?

I am so excited to be doing the Tie Dye Tri with some friends this year. The last two years it's been just me, I could never convince anyone to sign up with me, and it makes for some pretty boring time between setting up your transition, checking in and actually starting the race.

Really, if you are going to strip down to your bathing suit and run across the Y parking lot, or use a port-o-potty when before the sun comes up, it's better to have a friendly face to complain about the cold or the darkness to. This year my friend Rochelle is doing it. This is her second time, but sadly I didn't know her last year.

This is Rochelle, back in the summer when we were both breaking in our new used bikes. I think this picture was after a 20 mile ride in the 100 degree heat. Boy do we look good.

Rochelle sent me this text yesterday…

She could never look like a fat ass. She is one of the most dedicated and fit people I know. But we decided that all tri suits have to be designed by men. And talk about expensive! I found mine on eBay for about half what it would have cost me in the store.

I feel so serious with my tri suit.

I got these Hannulink tri shorts…

And this Zoot tri top…

I am impressed with the quality of these items, and the deal I got on them, but really, who designs these things? I know that I don't have a weight problem, but the first time I put this outfit on I felt like I was wearing a sausage casing. I am perfectly comfortable in my Speedo bathing suit that I usually swim in, and I wore for last year's tri, but there was something about the shorts and top together that really made me rethink how I would look on race day.

I did wear it last Sunday for the brick workout we did, and I swam in it on Wednesday so I know that it fits well and is comfortable. I'll just have to get over how I think I look in it in my own mind. Maybe I'll be so speedy on Sunday I won't have time to think about it.

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