Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 7, 2011

I am still playing catch up from the weekend, so this is actually yesterday's post. Pretend it's still Monday, will ya?

So yesterday I was thankful for all my nieces and nephews. A few are borrowed, but they still count.
This could possibly be the only picture of all of them together. It's from Jen and Jeff's wedding in May.

Starting with the front row left to right we have Guerin (he's one of the borrowed ones, but he's such a mess and so cute). Then Lanee, who is not showing her face, this is my brother Billy's stepdaughter and I would have killed for my girls to have her curly hair. Next is Hannah, one of Karen's daughters, Hurricane Hannah as we loving call her (she hates it), she leaves a path of destruction everywhere she goes. Next to her is Bella, she's my cousin Leah's daughter, also too cute. Rounding out the front row is Matt, Billy's step son; he has the cutest red hair.

Row two is Ryan, my brother's youngest, and he looks so serious in this picture. Then Zoey, in pink and Zach in the suit, Jeff's twins, they are quite a pair and fit in well with our clan. Next to Zach is Caeli, Jeff's niece and Guerin's sister, my girls love Caeli. Rounding out that row is Adam, Billy's oldest, he is going to be a heartbreaker one day.

Behind them are Carson, Hailey and Camy. Hailey is Hannah's big sister; she is almost exactly the same size as Carson even though there are about a year and a half apart in age.

Then there is Will, Billy's oldest stepson, he's a year behind my girls in school and should go to the same middle school at my girls next year. Paige is next. Ah, Paige, she was the first baby, the first baby that ever stayed at my house. There is this picture…

Finally in front of Jeff, sot of behind Camy and Caeli is Parker. He is four weeks younger than my girls, but you'd never think that to look at them. He is such a sweet kid and again my girls just love hanging out with him.

Last but not least is little Haden. He's our last baby, and we saved the best for last. There is not a sweeter or better baby anywhere. It's sad that he is getting so big that he doesn't want to just be held all the time.

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