Monday, November 7, 2011

November 5, 2011

I didn't keep track of my thankfulness this weekend, so I'm playing catch up today.

Day 5, I am struggling a bit already with this. My family is a given, but picking out the specific pieces of my life seems harder for me. Let's start with my crazy dogs, Rocky and Penny. I can include my Lucy in this too, even though she is not with us anymore.

I will never understand people that don't have dogs. I understand less people that insist on cats. I grew up with cats, and I thought they were fine pets until I got my first dog. The cat and dog worlds are so different, and I prefer the dog side.

Lucy was one of a kind, but Rocky and Penny keep our lives interesting. Penny was the accidental member of our family. We had only had Rocky for about a year, and for some reason we ended up with little Penny. It's so funny how different these dogs are, so let's break it down.


  • He was named after a Beatles song, can you guess which one?
  • He is pretty much afraid of just about everything. Thunder, loud noises, Josh.
  • He has two fleece blankets that he sucks on. Yep, he sucks on them. We think he was taken away from his mom too soon.
  • He does not like to go outside when it's raining or cold, and he can hold it for days. (This has not been tested, usually we have to push him outside when it's been too long and he likes to use the patio as his bathroom.)
  • He makes me believe that the red Boston Terrier is actually the result of poor breeding, but his huge non-Boston looking nose is so cute.



  • She was also named after a Beatles song, can you see the theme we have going here?
  • She is the most stubborn dog I've ever seen. I would have to say that she is still not house broken.
  • If she is overfed she tends to have not so solid poo, usually inside our house.
  • With a little pumpkin in her food every day, and strict monitoring of her food we have solved the previous poo problem.
  • She loves the laser pointer game.
  • She barks, a lot. At the TV, the garage door, loud noises, when teased. It's weird because this is very different than Boston Terriers.

They are quite a pair. Lucky for me, Rocky has been sleeping with the girls for quite some time and this summer we got Penny to start sleeping with them too. I have a dog free bed for the first time in 16 years. Rocky sleeps in Carson's room with his fleece blankets and Penny sleeps in Camy's room with her million pillows on her bed.

Who doesn't want a dog? I'll give you one.

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