Friday, August 7, 2009

Back to the Real World...

So we got home from West Virginia on Wednesday afternoon, and man am I worn out still. We had a great time and the RV was a really good idea. Leah's wedding in the little country church was very nice, too bad there was no air conditioning during the service! The potluck reception was fun, the kids danced for a long time and there was minimal fighting! We had a bonfire at Julia's and Chuck's that night, Jen made a pitcher of Colorado Bulldogs, and Patrick was only slightly burned by the fire. Drunk Josh made an appearance, luckily I missed it.

The trip back to Linda's was fun, with eight kids in the RV. We made a stop off at the Summersville Lake to let the kids do a little swimming. Would have been nice if we hadn't forgotten the girls' bathing suits for the trip, but Hannah was definitely not happy about swimming in her clothes. She did eventually break down and swim and she had fun. The kids rode horses at Linda's on Monday and I am the only one that got stepped on. Jen got stung on the boob by a crazy bee.

Overall, it was an awesome trip and my kids seemed to really have alot of fun, I am glad to be home and out of that RV. It was back to bootcamp yesterday, and I am hurting today.

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