Monday, August 17, 2009

Slumber Party! Part 2...

So we survived. But just barely. We had ten girls between the ages of 7 and 10 at our house on Saturday night and let me just say that little girls scream alot!

We made tie dye t-shirts to start off the night. After everyone signed all the shirts, we put rubber bands around them and took the girls into the garage to work with the dye. Let me just say that if you give girls this young tie dye paint, you should give them rubber gloves to wear. Secondly, my garage floor will never be the same! They were covered in dye! After a momentary freak out, what were their parents going to think? I googled dye removal and we ended up running a sink full of warm water, adding a little bleach and having them all soak for a bit. It worked like a charm.

The biggest area of conflict was the trampoline. We told them only four girls at a time, and we had lots of "I just got on", "They've been on forever", and even a couple "You said we could stay on until the pizza got here". We only had three girls say that they wanted to go home, including Paige, my niece, and oldest kid at the party. She turned out to be the first to fall asleep.

I finally turned the tv off at about 3am, and all the girls were asleep at 3:30, but then up again by about 7:30. I was worn out.

Brunch went well, I got rave reviews about my enchiladas from my dad, and not much feed back from anyone else. We got the house back to normal, got the girls new bedding on their beds and did a little rearranging in their bedroom. Rocky was especially worn out by the weekend.

So now after today I'll be off for two days getting everything ready to back to school. Where did the summer go?

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