Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Marathon Training…

January is coming to an end and so is the first month of marathon training.  The OKC Memorial Marathon is April 29th but I have a couple of races before then.

First up on February 26th is the Cowtown half marathon.


This race is a girls trip and I can’t wait.  I booked our hotel rooms at the Sheraton Fort Worth Hotel and Spa, which is the host hotel.  It’s nice to stay at the hotel that has the race day and expo shuttle.

I can’t wait for the expo.  I know that lots of people don’t get as excited about race expos but I love them.  I can’t wait to get a new Sweaty Band, and I am thinking it should be one of these.  Probably pink.


I am also planning on a new pair of my Injinji socks.

But back to marathon training.  It has been a good month.  I got my new pair of Brooks Adrenaline 12s a few weeks ago.


We have been lucky to have some pretty awesome weather in Norman this month.  Not a snowflake in site.  It has been cold, but even the wind has only been really bad once or twice.


Technically this doesn’t include Monday’s run so my total for the month should be a little more than 112 miles.  That puts me well on track for running over 1,000 miles this year.

In all it’s a great start to 2012 and I can’t wait to see what February has in store for me.

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