Monday, February 6, 2012

Soccer Sugar Cookies…

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I haven’t baked any sugar cookies since I baked dozens of holiday sugar cookies for a couple of our sales reps to give to their customers before Christmas.  I had been suffering a little burnout.

I also had some technical difficulties with my royal icing with the Christmas cookies.  I had run out of my Williams Sonoma meringue powder and it appears to be unavailable now.  In a pinch I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up the Wilton version.


Worst baking purchase ever.  I had all kinds of trouble with this.  While the icing still tasted good on the cookies, getting it on the cookies was a nightmare.  I had trouble with it piping, and even when I thinned it out for flooding the consistency was just strange.

I immediately ordered my second favorite brand Ateco from

atecoSo much better!

I had a friend ask me about soccer sugar cookies.  I did a little research for pictures of soccer designs and thought “No problem!”.  After I committed to making two dozen I did a little more research and discovered that all the feedback on making soccer sugar cookies was negative. 

While they were a tad tedious, I was very happy that I decided to purchase some non-toxic pens to draw the pentagon on the cookies to begin the pattern.  If I hadn’t done this I would have been in big trouble.

004Pentagons are not easy.


The birthday girl is number eight on her soccer team.  I just love what the black icing does to kids when they eat it.  Overall I think they turned out very cute.  It was good to make sugar cookies again.

Up this week?  Cupcakes for a wedding shower on Friday and a baby shower on Saturday.

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