Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Race Week

I love the week leading up to a race weekend. I love how I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I think about getting to the starting line and the gun going off.

Here’s a list of what is making me nervous and excited about the Cowtown Half Marathon this week…

• What am I going to wear?

• What do I need to pack?

• Will it rain?

• Where are we going to have dinner Saturday night?

• Will they have the pink sparkly Sweaty Band I want at the race expo?

• What are the race shirts going to look like?

• What am I going to wear? (This is important when you do races with people that like to take pre-race and post-race pictures.)

What I don’t do well with during race week is resting. I am working on taking advantage of my rest days, I really am. It is hard though. When someone says you should run for 30-40 minutes easy a few times during the week leading up to a race my first thought is “What’s the point?” I have said many times in the last six months that three miles isn’t worth getting my clothes dirty for and now I am telling myself to only run 3-4 miles easy.

It’s a good thing I don’t do these things all on my own. I have a FANTASTIC group of girls heading to Fort Worth with me; Kim, Abby, Rochelle, Patti, Laura, Angie and Kelsey. What could be better than a girls, trip planned around a half marathon? I hope we have room in the vehicle I am borrowing from my BIL.

I only have to pack a few things:

• Shoes

• Socks

• Race pants & capris

• Long sleeved shirt & short sleeved shirt

• Sports bra

• Garmin (It didn’t happen unless it happened on my Garmin, right?)

• Rain jacket (I am hoping to not have to break this out.)

• Gloves

• Ear warmer

• Regular jacket

• Hat (Only if it rains.)

• Sweaty band

• Spi belt

• iPod (I never run with music anymore but you never know what I’ll feel like on Sunday.)

• Camera

• Sunglasses

Well that doesn’t seem like too much stuff. Maybe I should print this out so I don’t forget anything.


Happy running. 

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