Sunday, December 30, 2012

Flat Abby, Flat Cliff and Our Ragnar Van...

I had planned to do this post ages ago but never got around to it. Since its the end of the year I thought I would wrap up all loose ends.

When we headed to Colorado in September for the Ragnar Relay we left a couple of people at home. Kelsey's boyfriend Cliff and our friend Abby didn't make the trip with us.

In true Flat Stanley style we decided to take them with us.

We all hung out at the airport waiting for our flight.

They even enjoyed some nachos with us.

Then there was breakfast Thursday morning.

Then lunch at the Dam Brewery on Thursday.

Like the rest of us, there was lots of time in the van.

They even got to take Lance for a walk.

Abby even paced Patti on her final leg. It was mostly downhill, we picked Abby up at the bottom of the hill.

We think Flat Abby and Flat Cliff had a great time in Colorado with us next time we hope the real Abby and Cliff will be going with us.

We decorated our van on Thursday night.

And then it rained a bit..

Everyone got to check off their legs as we went.

Rochelle after her first leg.

Kelsey, Patti and Jerry after their first legs.

Speedy Scotty after his first super fast leg.

What you have to remember with a rental is that what goes on the windows must come off before you turn it in. So after 30 something hours in the van we made it back to the house we were staying at and stopped on the way at the car wash.

We let the boys do all the hard work.

Bob was a great driver and got us everywhere we were supposed to be and he helped clean up the van afterwards.

This race was one of the highlights of my year. I am hoping there will be another one in 2013.

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