Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mini Vacay and Christmas...

This is going to be a super long post with tons of pictures...

The kiddos were out of school the Friday before Christmas, my MIL had plans to take them to see A Christmas Carol so Josh took them to meet her Thursday night. I took Friday off and after an early run with Patti, Josh and I got around and headed to Edmond to trade cars with Karen and headed down to Dallas.

Of course we stopped for my favorite road trip snack.

We were on a Christmas mission. We had been talking forever about getting the girls new beds so this was the year.

We bought the old beds for their 4th birthday, the were bunk beds but they have been split apart for a while now. That little indention on the end is where Rocky used to chew on the beds in the middle of the night. He stopped that when we gave him a fleece blanket to suck on instead.

The girls also did quite a bit of decorating over the years.

We knew what the girls wanted so we headed to IKEA.

This place was amazing. I can't wait to go back.

We had a little mix up and had to go back on Saturday morning to get Camy's bed, but we were relieved to get both beds in the back of Karen's car.

We headed over and checked into the Nylo Plano. It was a very cool place.

We decided to have dinner ar the restaurant in the hotel. I had a black bean burger, a few too many glasses of wine and this yummy dessert.

We got up Saturday morning, went back and picked up Camy's bed and got most of our Christmas shopping done before heading home. We stopped in Denton for lunch, we were right next to Target so we went inside to pick up a turkey breast so I could get it in the brine on Sunday.

Imagine my surprise when I realized they sold wine!

They even had my favorite Middle Sister wine. I grabbed two of my favorite whites, and headed to the checkout. The guy asked for my ID, and I used my Target Red Card and saved 5% on wine that was on sale to begin with. I was very happy with my purchase.

We got home, unloaded the car, and while Josh headed back to Edmond to take the old beds to Jen's and pick up the dogs and trade cars with Karen, I put Carson's bed together.

We waited until Sunday to work on Camy's bed and room. Her full sized loft bed was quite a bit of work and her room was a disaster area.

Her bed ended up being quite tall.

Beds, new bedding, mattress pads and new pillows and this is what we had.

Friday night we fixed the height problem with Camy's bed. It was so tall she couldn't sleep on it. There was barely enough room to get up there. Not sure what kind of room this bed was built for. I was pretty nervous about Josh using power tools to hack up her new bed, but it turned out ok.

Much better! Although Camy got sick and threw up her first night sleeping on it.

It was a good Christmas. We got snow and ice on Christmas Day and my in-laws headed home very early.

We watched Elf and had a nice relaxing day. I didn't have to work on Wednesday so I got to go to a hot yoga class the middle of the week which was very nice. The room only got up to 89 degrees because it was about 18 degrees outside, but it was very hard to leave the nice warm room and head back into the cold.

We got together with my family on Thursday night. I made Mint Chocolate Brownie Bites.

It was a crazy night with lots of kiddos.

It was a great holiday and 2013 is just around the corner...


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