Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Need a Marathon Plan...

I don't know about you, but for me, I do better when I have a plan.  I like to have a race or races on my calendar so I know what I am working towards.  Don't get me wrong, I have my share of "junk" miles, but I like to know that I am working towards something.

Ask my friends, I am a planner.  I like to know what we are doing, when we are going, and how we are going to get there.  I do have friends that prefer to PIBE, but I'm not one of them.  I love having a plan.

I have a bunch of running friends that are going to go run this race:

Including one that is doing the Goofy Challenge!  So fun. 

Then there was talk of maybe doing this race:

I am a big fan of the Rock n Roll race series, but it doesn't look like this is going to work out.

So then there is this race:
Which seriously, we had so much fun last year.  Plus we got to watch this guy come to the finish line with a police escort.  I still totally love that we got to watch that.
We are definitely planning a trip back to Fort Worth, but I wasn't planning on running the full there, the half was such a great race last year.  Now I am undecided.

Here's my dilemma.  I am registered for the full right now for the OKC Memorial Marathon.  This race scores high marks for being able to defer my registration earlier this year because of my injury.  I just really don't want to run the full in OKC again.  I'd be happy with running the half.  I really want to run a marathon before then and run the half instead.

I just seem to be having a hard time finding a race that I really want to run.  Really, you can only do so many 20 mile training runs before you have to sign up for something, right?  *sigh*  I am trying to find my plan, but I have not had any luck yet.

Oh yeah, and then there is this race.

I do plan on going back to this race if it all works out.  It was fun last year, except for the whole breakdown after the start because I had to take the train to the finish line. 

I would LOVE to run this race.

Who wouldn't want to run a race that had this kind of press?

Eugene Marathon a Runner's World 'Best of the Best'

The Eugene Marathon was recently named a 'Best of the Best' race by Runner's World in the January 2013 edition. Bart Yasso, Runner's World Chief Running Officer and finisher of more than 100 marathons, praised TrackTown USA's only marathon. "There's such a spirit in this place…a go-to event for speedy times." Catch Yasso's praise and the complete 2013 Marathon Guide in January's edition on newsstands now.

That one's going on the Bucket List for sure.  Then there's the possibility of this race happening.  Ragnar where it all began?  Sign me up.

Still, I have no real plan.  Just some possibilities on the horizon and it's driving me nuts.  20 mile training run with my awesome friends that are running Disney?  I'm in.  I just need a reason to make others run 20 mile training runs for fun with me too.

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